We've taught thousands of people the skills for low-impact, earth-loving, sustainable living. Folks are hungry for this knowledge and love the uniqueness of the content. All workshops are formatted for online presentation.

If you are interested in a specific topic related to nutrition, food policy, or agriculture that is not listed below, enquire directly and Laura will create customized content for your needs. 

DIY & Interactive  Workshops


Making your own natural products is inexpensive, easy and transformative! Take a stand against chemicals in ecosystems, bodies and homes and find freedom from what marketing tells you you need for beauty & cleanliness. We cover easy and effective alternatives for all household products: hair care, skin care, cleaners of all kinds, cosmetics, deodorant & oral care and more. 

This workshop is a hit for any group and any age range. We have taught it to a hugely diverse range of people and everyone leaves inspired and, frankly, a bit mind-blown. 

This workshop really works for anyone, because we all use products. Its been most popular for womens' groups of all kinds, womens' health festivals, mothers (it's a hit for any virtual baby shower!), and wellness festivals. 


Fermenting our foods has amazing health benefits. It develops complex flavors, enables our bodies to uptake much more nutrition, preserves foods in times of bounty, and fills our bodies with beneficial bacteria (our microbiome) that boost our immune system, our mood, and our overall health. This workshop covers the basics of home fermentation and recipes to get folks fermenting straight away (sauerkraut, kimchi, natural sodas, vegetable pickles, grain ferments).

This workshop is best for chefs, home cooks, food enthusiasts, and nutritionists. Psychologists looking for a more holistic approach to mental health will also benefit greatly, as bolstering the microbiome is the lowest hanging fruit in the battle with depression. 

Webinar Style  Lectures

FOOD AS MEDICINE: Healthy Eating, Simplified

We are what we eat and food should be our daily preventative medicine. This presentation simplifies healthy eating by rooting it in ancestral & traditional food ways. We cover good vs bad fats, learn simple ways to neutralize inflammation & digestive issues caused from grains & dairy and the basics of home fermentation for the absolute beginner.


Knowing how to eat is understandably confusing in our modern age! Between industry-influenced public health policy, powerful lobbyists, and food companies' massive marketing budgets, we must navigate a sea of ever-changing & conflicting diet advice. Laura brings 12 years of experience in the field of ancestral foodways and rooted nutrition.

This workshop is fabulous for any group! We all have to eat ;)


How can we live lightly on this planet? How can we live within our means? Through slowing down, becoming producers, engaging in trade & alternative economies, and radically shifting how we consume. 

This presentation is a summation of how we live life at The Odd Gumnut and the success we have witnessed in related intentional communities. It is an introduction to another way of being. 

This workshop is thought-provoking and great for any group that looking for an out-of-the-box conversation. 


Conceived in Australia in the 70's, Permaculture's popularity has boomed worldwide as a real solution to our current crisis. Permaculture goes beyond ‘organic’ and focuses on whole-systems thinking and ecological regeneration for every scale. This workshop is an introduction to the ethics, principles, approaches and key permaculture strategies that apply to a workplace, home, balcony garden or farm!


This workshops is specific and targeted - how to successfully grow vegetables, permaculture style! We cover soil building, composting, fertilizing, watering, seed selection, pest management, garden bed styles and various growing strategies from apartment, to backyard to rural plot. 

This workshop is great for schools, community organizations, or anyone interested in increasing personal sovereignty by growing their own food!


Do you think the current economic system a cause for the mess we are in? Pollution, waste, human right abuses, income disparity, disregard of the environment and ecosystem services, and a consumerist era where we are literally drowning in our own shi*t. So what is the way out? Circular economy is rapidly catching on as the new buzz word, but what does that actually mean, and what can we do as individuals, families, communities and businesses.

In this workshop we will talk about what is Circular economy, how it is different from the current system, and what it truly means to be 'sustainable'? We will discuss how we can identify models, and discuss examples that are on this path and what we can do to support & play our part in the same.

This workshops is ideal for businesses and entrepreneurs that are interested in sustainability.


There is so much potential in cities to reclaim space, rethink community and shift from dependent consumers to empowered producers. In this workshop we will discuss all kinds of urban permaculture solutions, including appropriate technology like wicking beds and rocket ovens, 'social permaculture' ideas about organizing community, alternative economics, successful community initiatives and how to be a responsible consumer. 

Also spending time on David Holmgren's latest work - Retrosuburbia - and his brilliant strategies for retrofitting homes, turning backyards to gardens and food forests, and reviving home economics. 

This workshop is best for urban council members, local politicians, community groups and schools!


Hello beautiful ladies! This womens-only (& menstruating-people-only) workshop is a safe place to learn about menstrual cups, cloth pads and period panties and also share your experiences, questions, concerns and misconceptions about your bleed.


We will start the workshop by covering what is sustainable menstruation and how to source, use, and care for each of the previously listed options. The second half of the workshop is devoted to you, the women. There may be questions, taboos, and confusions. This is a safe space to share cultivated by all of us and monitored & guided by Laura, The Odd Gumnut co-founder.


This workshop is for women (or bleeding people) only. All ages are welcome. You are invited to bring your daughters! Great for a women's groups, a girls' school or even within a family.


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University of Washington Botanical Gardens, USA


Introduction to Permaculture

Basics of Permaculture Design

Permaculture Orchards and Fruit Tree Guilds

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Seven Sisters Festival, Australia

world's largest women's wellbeing festival


Natural Living & DIY Products

Northwest Permaculture Convergence, USA


The Permaculture Household

Natural Living & DIY Products

Nutritionist Entrepreneurship Program

Nutrition Innovators Summit 2020


Easy Home Fermentation

Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel


Food as Medicine

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Ballet Festival of India, India


Food as Medicine

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Group Thera, USA


Our Microbiome & Our Mental Health

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Our Sacred Space, India


Natural Living & DIY Products


ACIW, India


Regenerative Lifestyle

"Food after all is life… Every time you eat, you can make a massive change. You can throw your weight behind ecosystems, behind diversity, behind farmers. Or you can throw your weight behind greed, behind super profits, behind ill health that is killing both this planet and its people. Make your choice. It’s easy"  - Vandana Shiva

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