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We've taught thousands of people the skills for low-impact, earth-loving, sustainable living. Folks are hungry for this knowledge and love the uniqueness of the content. All workshops are formatted for online presentation.

If you are interested in a specific topic related to nutrition, food policy, or agriculture that is not listed below, enquire directly and Laura will create customized content for your needs. 

DIY & Interactive  Workshops


Making your own natural products is inexpensive, easy and transformative! Take a stand against chemicals in ecosystems, bodies and homes and find freedom from what marketing tells you you need for beauty & cleanliness. We cover easy and effective alternatives for all household products: hair care, skin care, cleaners of all kinds, cosmetics, deodorant & oral care and more. 

This workshop is a hit for any group and any age range. We have taught it to a hugely diverse range of people and everyone leaves inspired and, frankly, a bit mind-blown. 

This workshop really works for anyone, because we all use products. Its been most popular for womens' groups of all kinds, womens' health festivals, mothers (it's a hit for any virtual baby shower!), and wellness festivals. 


Fermenting our foods has amazing health benefits. It develops complex flavors, enables our bodies to uptake much more nutrition, preserves foods in times of bounty, and fills our bodies with beneficial bacteria (our microbiome) that boost our immune system, our mood, and our overall health. This workshop covers the basics of home fermentation and recipes to get folks fermenting straight away (sauerkraut, kimchi, natural sodas, vegetable pickles, grain ferments).

This workshop is best for chefs, home cooks, food enthusiasts, and nutritionists. Psychologists looking for a more holistic approach to mental health will also benefit greatly, as bolstering the microbiome is the lowest hanging fruit in the battle with depression. 

Webinar Style  Lectures

FOOD AS MEDICINE: Healthy Eating, Simplified