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" revolution takes guts! "


(just tea!)

juicy blue


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lemon zinger

(lemon & ginger)


Our kombucha is lightly sweet, tart, refreshing, completely homemade and a powerhouse of health. Kombucha is a cultured, fermented tea and ancient wisdom of East Asia. A 2,000 year old elixir - 'the tea of immortality!'


After 10 years of brewing this magic probiotic drink in Australia to keep our bodies healthy and impress our friends with killer cocktails, we launched the Rise Up brand in March 2019. 

We brew everything in our home factory at The Odd Gumnut. It's always small-batch, craft produced. We brew in glass to ensure the best quality booch! Medicinal flowers & herbs from the farm and fruits from other organic growers flavor our booch.


Our kombucha is naturally full of probiotics, amino acids, polyphenols + enzymes. All the good stuff needed for digestion and cleaning out the toxins!

Available all throughout Panchgani & Mahabaleshwar. Available for delivery to Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Goa.  

Stay tuned for a RISE UP KOMBUCHA dedicated website.


organic | ethical | fresh



We brew a base tea with 100% organic green and black loose leaf that from Makaibari Estate, filtered water and sugar. We use organic khandsari sugar as often as possible, substituting with basic chini as consistent supply of organic sugars has proven difficult to lock down. **Contact us if you know a supplier!

Original contains nothing else! highlighting the lovely tea. 

Lemon Zinger is flavored with fresh ginger, lemon juice and lemon zest.

Juicy Blue is flavored with a 100% blueberry puree sourced from one of Panchgani's many jam manufacturers. 

Other rotating and seasonal flavours like haldi, mango, mulberry & strawberry, available only at our farm gate!

Individual bottles are available direct from our farm or in the following local shops and restaurants:


Purohit's Namaste

Ravine Hotel

Friend's Treat

Oregano Pizzeria

Mala's Hotel Cafe

Cafe Berry (@ Pure Berrys)

Vasant Store


Kingberry Wines

Mountview Executive

Mountview Heritage

Rainforest Restaurant

Lucky Store

Chai Bun Maska


Hotel Dina

Dreamland Hotel @ 

      Farm House Bistro

Bella Vista Hotel

Hirkani (famous thali!)

Meghdoot Hotel

Muskaan Garden

Food Studio

Deliveries to Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Goa are free of charge for 24 bottles or more

Call Kunal at +91 9136088682

Learn to brew kombucha yourself! We run frequent workshops in person at the farm or you can learn at your own pace in The Odd Gumnut's Guide to Radical Self Reliance on Udemy.


" waste isn't waste until we waste it "


Circular economy principles govern our business making ethos (read more here), meaning we take responsibility for the whole supply chain of production; we produce no waste. We package in glass and etch our labels directly on the bottle; meaning no plastic sticker. 

We use reverse logistics to get out bottles back from our dozens of local retail and restaurant outlets, wash them, sanitize and reuse them. 

All of the water from our workshop branches directly to our trees. We sanitize our bottles free of chemicals, instead using boiling water. (We then reuse that water later to take hot baths!)

Kilos worth of lemon peels from flavoring the lemon zinger get upcycled with the addition of water and jaggery into bioenzyme - an all natural cleaner that we use throughout the house and workshop. 

Keeping front of mind, the permaculture principle of  'waste as resource' keeps us working within our ethics and proud of the product we take to market.

small batch fermented in glass  for the best quality