100% pure peanuts.

roasted golden | delightfully salted |

a little bit crunchy

Proudly Crafted by The Odd Gumnut. This is an all-natural handmade product, so best consumed within 6 months and ideally keep in the fridge after opening. Oil separation is natural, stir it back in and enjoy.

Individual bottles are available in Panchgani, direct from our farm.

Available in 2 sizes: 


- 200 gms, 160 rs

- 500 gms, 350 rs

*Contact us if you are interested in stocking our perfectly crafted homemade peanut butter in your stores


Panchgani is the boarding school hub of West India; with thousands of students living here in the 35+ boarding schools year round, schools compete with each other on many fronts; academics, sports and creativity. However, another thing kids take pride and joy in, is the food provided to them in schools and the unique delicious flavors coming out of the kitchens. 

OLD SCHOOL Peanut Butter pays homage to the nostalgic breakfast flavors of Kunal's school days at New Era in Panchgani and that of all boarding schools here on the hill. 

No mucking around. This is delicious pure peanut butter. Packed with plant protein!


OLD SCHOOL keeps you full and satisfied through a trek, gym session, paraglide, bike ride, marathon & even your 10th standard board exams.

"Food after all is life… Every time you eat, you can make a massive change. You can throw your weight behind ecosystems, behind diversity, behind farmers. Or you can throw your weight behind greed, behind super profits, behind ill health that is killing both this planet and its people. Make your choice. It’s easy"  - Vandana Shiva

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