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Feel the need for change? Not sure where to start? That's where we come in. 


Composting & Food Growing:

Domestic Waste Bin

For households, businesses and societies. 

Composting and growing nutritious organic food go hand in hand; they are part of the same closed loop. With so many ways to succeed and fail, starting up this system on your own can be intimidating. Let us assess your property, access to materials, sunlight, seeds & needs and devise a sure-fire plan for how to get your home, business or society in the successful cycle of growing and composting. What an empowering change! 

Convert your Home to Zero-Waste:

Let’s create a solid plan so your whole family can get on board with this necessary shift. 


Every home has different inputs, outputs and needs; that means your solution must be 100% tailored to your unique family. Get you up and running with: composting, turning food waste into cleaners + vinegars, making all household cleaning and beauty products, greener strategies for purchasing and preparing food and making your home energy efficient with heating and cooling. Girls and women will learn all about sustainable menstruation too! 

Natural Ingredients

Probiotics & Fermentation:

 Healthy Fruit Salad

For restaurants, chefs, hospitality:

Impress diners with new and inventive ferments. Equip your team with all the fundamentals, benefits, troubleshooting and possibilities of vegetable, grain, dairy, and alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverage ferments. Gut healthy foods are the newest food trend, and for good reason! Learn to prepare food with extra umami & unique flavors that leave your guests feeling good instead of bloated and heavy!

For families & households: 

Become an expert on family friendly ferments! Getting good bacteria into your kids’ diets will help them throughout life - fermented foods boost immunity, mood, and behavior.  Everything from: sprouted and fermented grains, porridges, breads, baked goods; homemade sodas and other probiotic drinks; vegetable ferments; drinkable dairy ferments; even probiotic popsicles! 

Kitchen Garden for Schools:

When children learn about food, growing and our innate connection to the earth through what we eat, that becomes a foundation for the rest of the adult lives. We need more kids who care about the earth, care about farmers and understand the cycle of food & waste. Schools always have underutilized outdoor paved spaces that can be converted to productive, thriving growing spaces. Let us assess your growing spaces, create a comprehensive plan and recommend curriculum that ties directly into the garden.

Child Carrying Vegetables

Kunal & I are available to also run lesson and sessions with kids on all environmental topics from soil biology to climate change.

Kids thrive with kitchen-garden curriculums in schools; the evidence is all over the world. Be a leader in kids education and get growing! 

Circular Economy for Business:

Metallic Structure

This is a complete analysis of your business, waste streams and hidden opportunities! Going circular is the absolute need of the hour. It’s an opportunity to both reduce costs and evolve your business to meet modern day ‘green’ preferences. 

We will consider how you can reduce your impact from both an operational and product & packaging innovation standpoint. Resource efficiently can be achieved through a multitude of actions: transport and mobility, manufactoring and production, team

management and overall physical footprint. We will find ways to convert your waste stream into revenue generating opportunities. We will devise a marketing strategy to effectively communicate your zero-waste path to customers with the aim of reach new customer segments and grow your audience. Starting with a zero-waste stragetgy lends itself to creating an overal company vision on sustaibaility.


This is relevant to every size business.  If not now, then when?!


Become your own producer, turn waste to resource and tred lighter on this planet:

  • Consultation– evaluation of your growing space, home, society or business for the goal that fits your needs.

  • Coaching– Meld your pre-existing ideas with our expertise and inspire a path forward.

  • Consulting and Coaching- After basic consultation, making a list of ideas and help you to start with. It can be a one-time session or multiple sessions as per your requirement.


Consultation and/or coaching- rs. 2000/hour

Minimum charge per visit - rs. 3000

*Travel expenses covered by client

Call or email us directly. Let's see if we're a match! 

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