Farm Tour of The Odd Gumnut!

Tour the farm with a certified permaculturist! This an all-levels experience that is great for the whole family.


NOTE: We run 4 weekly tours. Friday 4 pm, Saturday 11 am and 4 pm, Sunday 11 am. Scroll to bottom to book.

Farm tours last 1 - 1.5 hours and include delicious organic refreshments (think kombucha, fresh bread, various pickles). We offer tours at a very modest price of 750 rs per person because we want this knowledge to be accessible and affordable! Kids under 8 are free and do not need to be booked in. 

We begin all tours by familiarizing you with Permaculture - what is the history, the ethics, principles and essentials fo the movement. We will tour all through the workshop and farm, highlighting companion planting, integrated pest managementour greenhouse and seedling raising, our composting system, the chicken coop, our greywater system, the composting toilet, herb spiral, up and coming food forest. 

In the workshop, you will see how we run our business according to circular economy principles and maintain a zero waste household. 

Farm tours are super fun for the whole family. Adults leave inspired and motivated and kids have a blast playing with the happy chickens and tasting the rainbow of edible flowers. 

1/2 day experience with Red Stone Organic Farm

This half day tour (4 hours) is a deep dive into practical Permaculture and all things natural living! You will experience two organic farms,  established 2018 and 1973 respectively. This combination of new and old is potent! Allowing you to imagine both how to get started and the sweet reward of decades of organic soil nourishment. 


The day begins at The Odd Gumnut with organic coffee & farm-fresh lemongrass chai, and an 'Introduction to Permaculture' as a concept.


Tour topics:

-companion planting

-integrated pest management

-soil structures

-mulching + composting

-cradle-to-cradle resource management

-rainwater harvesting & grey water recycling.


We'll talk about how you can apply Permaculture and zero-waste living to your own lives; grow your own food and how you can make natural hair care, hair dye, soaps, deodorants, etc.


After homemade kombucha and Q&A, we'll go on a 20 min forest walk to Red Stone Organic FarmMona Patrao established Red Stone Organic in 1973. She is a living legend and her knowledge of natural farming is vast, varied and deep. It really is an honor to learn from her. 


Tour Topics:

-Farm design: mandala gardens, semi-indoor

-Keeping cows + chickens, their many uses!

-Biogas generation

-Natural building

-Organic strawberry cultivation

-Medicinal plants

-Food forests + natural/live fences


Mona will share her story of pioneering organics, alternative education & social permaculture. Our tour ends with a big circle gathering and opened ended conversation! And of course, delicious organic refreshments.

rs. 1,350 per person. Includes refreshments. Contact us to check availability and book; weekends preferable. 

Schedule  an afternoon out with friends! 

Want to do something unique on this trip to Panchgani?

Why not book you and your friends in for a 1/2 day at the farm. This package is for 5-12 people. We will provide amazing homemade, organic refreshments (cocktails also available on request!) and arrange a private workshops on a topic of your choice: 

-natural living and DIY products 

-sourdough bread


-composting + growing in containers/on balconies

-easy home ferments 

Explore the farm, learn something new, enjoy some great food and share a unique experience with your mates!

rs. 2,000 per person.