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4 day, 3 night residential learning programs

December 16th-19th

January 20th-23rd


with The Odd Gumnut founders, Kunal & Laura Khanna

We know that the best to learn is learn by doing. 


The call of the hour, for our generation, is to liberate from conventional consumerism and upskill with ancestral knowings of growing food, tending to trees, building with wood, mud and stone and stewarding the shared commons of soil, water and air.


In the face of climate crisis, it’s easy to be feel burdened by the question of what can I do? What impact can I make? What we can do is make the shift from a petro-intensive and extractive lifestyle to a regenerative one.


We have the skills for an Earth-based, radically self-reliant lifestyle and we can't wait to share them with you.










Each month, we host a 4-day residential learning programs, each with 10 spots available.

This is all-levels learning! Whether you already grow on your home balcony and brew bioenzyme or you are complete newbie, these programs are for you. While days are mainly hands-on and in-farm learning, each day will include a conceptual presentation.  For complete details on the learning curriculum, see 'curriculum' at the end.


By all staying together, the program is fertile ground to make new connections with like-minded folks as we dine together, cook together, and get our hands dirty together. When we aren't working and learning together, we will have bonfires, make music, and go hiking around Panchgani's beautiful mountains. Additionally, there is lots of space for your own yoga and meditation practice and for private chilling, reading and journalling.


Prices are inclusive of your stay and all meals, and exclusive of transport and items from our shop.



You will be hosted in our property directly across the road from the farm in our newly rennovated, gorgeous bungalow. Picture blush-toned, living limewash walls, lush jungle green velvet couches, hanging cane chairs, a big open kitchen, first-class bathrooms, and communial outdoor seating space. There are two large bedrooms, one with 4 bunk beds and the other with 2 bunk beds and 2 queen sized beds, of which preference is given to couples and friends. **If you are booking with a friend/partner and happy to share a queen bed, message us! You both get rs 1000 discount. 



Food is at the core of our identity as The Odd Gumnut! We are chefs & farmers and food is our love language. Meals will be a mix of Indian and Western. Meals are vegetarian, with non-veg options, always including farm eggs. All meals use as much produce from the farm as possible! That usually means all leafy greens, herbs, and most of the veggies.  Dry ingredients like dal, rice and grains are sourced from local farmer friends and mostly organic. We use organic local honey & gud in place of white sugar. Organic milk comes daily from our lovely neighbor, Poornima and her 4 cows. At The Odd Gumnut, we believe that food is medicine and our ingredient choices reflect that.


Breakfast is buffet style with a mix of homemade sourdough bread with homemade jams & nut butters, fruit, farm eggs, lassi, granola, yogurt, and one hot Indian breakfasts option like upma, poha, etc.


Lunch is rotating sabzi, dal, rice and chapati or bhakri, and farm salad.


Dinner will change night to night based on seasonal ingredients and Laura's whim (she was a chef for many years!).  Each program includes a pizza party of sourdough pizzas cooked in the wood-fired rocket oven.





-Evening arrival and check in

-Welcome dinner



-Introduction to Permaculture presentation

-Farm Tour

-Water in Permaculture (ie rainwater harvesting, greywater systems, drip irrigation)

-Make a self-watering wicking bed

-Make all natural reetha & shikakai soaps & bioenzyme for greywater-safe home cleaners

-Bonfire & music



-Soils in Permaculture presentation (soil composition, sheet mulching, the soil food web)

-Build soil anywhere with Sheet Mulching

-Create a seedling mix to start seeds and propagate cuttings

-Compost 101 & why its the most important part of your garden

-Fermentation 101 & make your own vegetable ferment to take home

-Wood Fired Pizza Night!



-Morning hike

-Natural pest management

-Save heirloom seeds and choose seeds to take home

4 pm Wrap up and send off!

Laura & Kunal are your teachers through this experience. For more background on us, head here!


While transport is up to you, we will help facilitate carpooling from main hubs like Mumbai and Pune.



COVID-19 safety:


We at The Odd Gumnut are fully vaccinated. To ensure peace of mind for everyone, each participant must submit a negative RT-PCR or vaccination certificate within 5 days of arrival for the program.


Rs. 12,000 per person, inclusive of GST


Rest assured that if any program must be cancelled due to unforeseen Covid-19 restrictions, you will receive a full refund.

Because of the nature of this experience, sales are final. 

We reserve the right to cancel and refund the program if not enough participants register.




Message or call us on WhatsApp on 740 017 5557 or email us at

Reviews: Check out what folks are saying about their experience!

December 16th-19th

January 20th-23rd

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