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Honey-Fermented Garlic


After decades worth of distinctively separate musical careers, one in jazz in New York City and the other in bluegrass and folk in the deep humid south of the USA, brothers Chris Wood and Oliver Wood came together. They have been making music together ever since. Together, they are much greater than the sum of the parts.

The Wood Brothers (who happen to be one my favorite bands of all time) is today's analogy for Honey-Fermented Garlic.

Honey - wow, truly of the finest divinities of human existence.

Garlic - the oldest & most effective folk medicine we have.

Two damn good creations on their own, just like Chris's upright bass jazz and Oliver's bayou harmonica, but together? Holy heavens above, greater than the sum of their parts.

To warm us up for this honey-fermented garlic recipe, here is the trifecta of brilliant creations, which is The Wood Brothers signing about honey 🍯👇🏾🍯.


*jump straight to the recipe*

Antioxidant, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, immunity boosting and the list goes on. Both are the most humble and ubiquitous of super foods.

Garlic is well reported throughout scientific journals for its medicinal benefits. If you want to nerd out, check out this academic paper. Garlic's active medicinal property is allicin. Besides the obvious antimicrobial, antibacterial benefits, garlic is proven to help with asthma, tuberculosis, preventing the build up of bad cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, preventing cancer and stimulating blood circulation when taken internally. Used externally, raw garlic can be rubbed on pimples to cure acne and heal ringworm. It is noted as a broad spectrum antibiotic.

Honey is similarly a powerfully antimicrobial and shares many overlapping benefits with garlic. As with all natural products, they are not created equal. Raw honey from healthy hives collecting nectar from healthy trees is where the benefits will be found. Commercial honey doesn't hold a candle.

As with all fermentations, the process of fermentation itself increases the bioavailability of each component. More on that here. Thus making this super ferment the ideal panacea for any ailment and an ally for whole body health, all season long.


It is really quite darn easy.

  1. Find a clean jar with a tight fitting lid.

  2. Peel cloves of garlic and load up the jar 2/3 full. Use the broad, flat side of a knife to give each clove a light whack, this will help release the skin. You don't want to crush the garlic, ideally it is kept whole, but freeing up some of the juices will help the fermentation along.

  3. Fill the jar full of raw, natural honey. Let it perculate down through the cloves until it is covered to nearly the top of the jar.

  4. Secure the lid to keep out any interested critters, but (if possible) don't tighten the lid. This will allow for any gasses building up in fermentation to escape. Recommend to place the jar inside of a bowl or on a plate in case any honey leaks out!

  5. Place in a cool, dry, dark place - a nearby cupboard is ideal.

  6. For the first couple weeks, flip the jar every couple days. Secure the lid so it is tight fitting and flip the jar upside down to ensure all the honey is covered well. Then turn right side up again and loosen the lid.

  7. While fermenting, you will see bubbles rising to the top and notice that the honey will get runnier / more liquidy.

  8. Ferment for at least one month before digging in to get maximum benefits!

  9. Enjoy a spoon of honey & a clove daily for top notch immunity. You can also use it to make salad dressing or marinades. Yum.

So dearest earth-lovers, get fermenting. Get the kiddos involved and make some bubbly magic happen this weekend.

Big love!


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