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Newsletter Archive

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

April 2023: After an Odyssey

{Break from newsletters as we took a year off the farm to work corporate jobs in Australia and make some cold hard cash to fund more epic farm projects! See details here and here.}

April 2022: We Are What We Eat

Feb 2022: The Circular Economy Issue

Dec 2021: Waste to Resource Thinking

Sept 2021: Big Announcements

{Break from newsletters as we reeled from another Covid Lockdown and put all efforts into keeping Rise Up Kombucha a float}

March 2021: Course is live, booch is flowing & artists wanted

December 2020: Your toolkit for change

October 2020: Self care outside the system

September 2020: Our absolute favorite resources

July 2020: Plastic, periods & shippin' booch

June 2020: Seeds of change

May 2020: Building soil, sh*t castles & self reliance


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