Brew your own kombucha at home! The 'SCOBY' is the critical culture to ferment your own kombucha tea. The SCOBY is shipped to you along with 500 ml of the starter liquid; giving you enough to start brewing a 5 liter batch the very first round.

Our kombucha is always small-batch fermented in glass jugs using organic ingredients. You can rest assured that SCOBY you'll receive is in tip-top shape to kick start your home brewing! Never refrigerated and packed to order.

Kombucha SCOBY


    "Food after all is life… Every time you eat, you can make a massive change. You can throw your weight behind ecosystems, behind diversity, behind farmers. Or you can throw your weight behind greed, behind super profits, behind ill health that is killing both this planet and its people. Make your choice. It’s easy"  - Vandana Shiva

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