"   vote with your dollar! "

ON NOW!  Saturdays  12-4 pm  @ Redstone Organic Market

market has resumed as of 12 December 2020


Getting pesticides | fungicides | herbicides out of our bodies and our ecosystems is paramount.  These chemicals place a heavy burden on farmer's health as well as our own. The best way to convince farmers to switch from spraying toxic chemicals to trying organic, regenerative practices is to prove to them that there is a market to buy.  

When farmers see consistency in demand, they will switch. The change begins with you, the consumer. How you eat is a political act. It makes a difference. 

Support your farmers by supporting buying direct, buying organic and buying consistently. 

The Redstone Organic Market, founded in partnership with Mona Patrao at Redstone Organic Farm and us at The Odd Gumnut, launched in January 2020 with a committed group of 13 organic & natural vendors. 

If you know an organic producer, or are one yourself, drop us an email and get connected! We would love to have you join.


  • wild forest honey

  • fresh seasonal fruits

  • organic strawberries

  • seasonal vegetables

    • cauliflower​

    • broccoli

    • cabbage

    • herbs & methi

    • potatoes

    • ginger, turmeric

    • leafy greens

    • tomatoes

    • so much more!

  • shikakai

  • sourdough bread

  • kombucha

  • baked goods

    • granola​

    • quiche

    • tarts

    • cookies | biscuits

  • natural ayurvedic remedies

  • hot food

    • poran poli

    • pithla bhakri